This view retrieves a JSON feed for the Twitter #drupal hashtag via Feeds with Feeds OAuth for authentication and Feeds JSONPath Parser for parsing the results. It uses Views Auto-Refresh to automatically refresh the view every 5 seconds (although the underlying cron job that gets feed updates only runs every minute). Tweets are rendered using OEmbed.

When new items arrive, they are initially rendered with a special background color. This is achieved by adding the class views-autorefresh-new to each new row. The CSS handles the coloring of containers with this class. The refresh timer *removes* this class, bringing back the default background color.

In addition, a sound is played when new items arrive. This is achieved by custom JavaScript code binding to the autorefresh.incremental event, and playing a sound using SoundManager 2 when receiving that event.

Finally, the "Share this view" link below allows sharing a link or embed code for the view, using the module Views Share.

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